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Permitted Development Finance to Expedite Development

Property developers in the UK are well aware of the fact that undertaking a development project involves much more than timing the market. Quite a few things need to fall in place before the project turns the profits you expect it to. One of the most important of those things is the planning status of the project.

In a bid to address the housing crisis and boost the overall property development market in the UK, property owners and developers were allowed the use of ‘Permitted Development Rights’. These rights, enforced by the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order of 2015, help remove the redundant planning obstacles in minor development projects.

If you are a developer or landlord, your permitted development project is best financed with a specialist loan. Commercial Finance Network, working with some of the most experience lenders in the UK, helps you find the most suitable lender for such loans.

What is Permitted Development?

Permitted development is an allowance made available to property developers and landlords to execute certain developments without having to obtain planning permissions.

These developments typically include:


Extensions that do not affect the structural integrity of the building are permitted. There exist, however, certain limitations to the extent of such extensions.


Permitted development rights allow for the development of vacant spaces subject to certain limitations. The development area should be no larger than 50% of the original vacant space. In some districts, this limit is brought down to 30%.

Refurbishments and Home Improvements

Many developers, landlords and homeowners see this as the most important advantage of having permitted development rights. Regular refurbishments like inserting or removing windows or doors no longer require planning permission. This, of course, also comes with a caveat – the building should stay up to the code upon the completion of such refurbishments. Home improvements like installing electrical appliances also fall under this category of permitted development.

Change of Use

Permitted development also allows developers to enforce change of use in certain cases. For example, existing office space can be converted into residential space. Similarly, barns and agricultural spaces can be converted into dwellings. This, however, requires a basic no objection certificate from the local council in certain districts.

Permitted Development Finance – Speed up the Development

The whole point of bringing commonplace development projects under the purview of permitted development was to remove the bureaucratic hurdles. To further this idea, many specialist lenders offer quick, tailor-made development loans for such projects. Termed as ‘Permitted Development Finance’, such loans can fund residential as well as commercial development projects.

Permitted Development Finance has a lot to offer to developers and homeowners. Some of the important features are noted below:

  • Quick decisions
  • Development Finance starting from £10,000
  • Flexible loan terms (6 months to 2 years)
  • All permitted development projects covered
  • Sharing of the lender’s expertise
  • Fees and interest can be rolled into monthly repayments

Permitted Development Finance – Things You Should Know

Before applying for Permitted Development Finance, borrowers should be aware of the limitations of their permitted development rights. These limitations tend to vary from one district to another. Developers should also keep in mind the fact that an Article 4 Direction can revoke these rights as per the local council’s discretion.

Therefore, before embarking on a permitted development project, it’s advisable to consult the same with the local planning authority. Most local planning authorities in the UK offer free (or reasonably priced) consultation services.

Permitted Development Finance Customised Just for Your Project

Development Finance has enormous potential to drive ambitious projects towards completion. That, however, doesn’t mean that Development Finance concerns itself exclusively with mega projects that require millions of pounds. From installing a state-of-the-art solar panel heater atop your house to converting idle-lying farm space into an idyllic rental, numerous development projects can use Permitted Development Finance.

Commercial Finance Network collects, collates and customises the most competitive, affordable and flexible Permitted Development Finance quotes from UK-wide lenders. Our team of industry veterans is also on hand to help you with planning queries.

Contact us today to speak to our Development Finance experts and know more about how our exhaustive Permitted Development Finance solutions can help your project!