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03303 112 646

incl. mobile call allowance

About UK Development Finance

UK Development Finance is the specialist development division of Commercial Finance Network offering Property Developers an unrivaled finance service. This service is aimed at matching developers with specialist lenders in the UK property development market.

Commercial Finance Network has brokered countless finance deals across a vast array of industries – from start-up loans for nascent tech businesses to emergency bridging loans for established companies.

Development Finance is an essential cog in this chain for us. Moreover, development loans help developers build newer, better, more efficient properties, keeping the housing market – an indicator of the national economy, indeed – hale, hearty and abuzz with activity.

Who We Are

Commercial Finance Network is a leading whole of market broker in the UK.

On our team, we have experienced finance experts in all major financing circles that operate in the UK. The Development Finance experts we have on board bring with them decades’ worth of collective experience. Whether it’s sorting out planning issues or negotiating with a consortium of lenders, our team is always up to the task.

Years of working in this industry mean that we have on our panel experienced, specialist lenders. Based all over the UK, these lenders offer diverse risk appetite, unique sets of expertise and powerful financing potential.

Our Core Values

Commercial Finance Network has come a long way from being a little-known entity to a nationally recognised whole of market broker. Much of this is owed directly to the strict adherence we have maintained to a certain set of guiding values.


Commercial Finance Network strongly discourages irrational, irresponsible and unethical lending practices. We strive to ensure that the lenders on our panel are responsible, duly licenced and of positive repute.


While it has become, quite unfortunately so, commonplace for lenders and brokers to charge a number of hidden fees, we, at Commercial Finance Network, take pride in maintaining transparent operations.
We never charge hidden fees. All the fees involved in each of our services are clearly disclosed to customers.


Growing with times, we were among the first whole of market brokers to realise the importance of efficient customer service. Our 24×7 customer care portal is available to all our customers on all days of the year. We have also invested heavily in improving our local presence in various locations for the convenience of our customers.